• Children and Adult


    by balletforeveryone
  • Children and Adult


    by balletforeveryone

Adult Pricelist

valid from: 01.01.2021, All Prices incl. VAT.

  • Limited Abos
  • Image
  • Single

    CHF 30.-

  • 10er (valid 4 months)

    CHF 285.-

  • 20er (valid 8 months)

    CHF 535.-

  • 30er (valid 12 months)

    CHF 770.-

  • Unlimited Abos
  • Image
  • 6 months

    CHF 795.-

  • 12 months

    CHF 1'375.-



  • Private lesson (60min)
  • Image
  • Single

    CHF 130.-

  • 2er Group (price / pers)

    CHF 85.-

  • 3er Group (price / pers)

    CHF 70.-

  • 4er Group (price / pers)

    CHF 60.-


To book your class:

We are using a Booking System called Eversports. We are limiting the number of participants to ensure our 2 meters distance rule. You can now book your classes through our website or directly through the Eversports App from 7 days until 1minute before the class start. It is still possible to drop in spontaneously, only we can’t guarantee there will be a free spot available then.


Cancellation Policy:

You can cancel your class 2 hours before it starts. To cancel Please Use the Eversports App (App - Booking - Cancellation)
Cancelation per Telephone or Email are not valid.
By late Cancelation:
- For Single , 10er or 20er Abos the class will be taken away from your abo
- For Unlimited Abos a fee of CHF 20.- will be charged



In the event that the government should decide to reinstate another lockdown, we at BFE can not be held responsible in which case your unlimited abos will not be frozen for a later reopening date.
We will however offer ballet classes online as we have done in the past.
Thank you for your understanding.

Children Pricelist

valid from: 01.01.2021, All Prices incl. VAT.

  • Little Ballerinas
  • Image
  • Trial class
    (valid once)

    CHF 25.-

  • Primary Ballet
  • Image
  • Trial class
    (valid once)

    CHF 27.-

  • Ballet together
  • Image
  • Trial class
    (valid once)

    CHF 30.-


Children classes:

Winter Term 2021

4th of January until 24th of April

Spring Term 2021

10th of May until 17th of July

Autumn Term 2021

23rd of August until 11th of December

Our Terms this Season

  • 1st Term from the 24.08. until the 03.10.
  • 2nd Term from the 19.10. until the 12.12.
  • 3rd Term from the 11.01. until the 24.04.
  • 4th Term from the 17.05. until the 17.07.

Swiss School Holiday 2020/2021

  • 01.04. - 05.04. Easter Break
  • 19.04. Sechselauten
  • 24.04. - 10.05. Spring Holiday
  • 24.05. Pentecost
  • 17.07. Summer Break

There are no children ballet classes during the Swiss School Holiday

- Trial Class valid once
- See our Price list for the full term
- It is possible to join the classes half way through the term, you just need to compete the payment of the remaining balance
- Please note that all payments have to be completed prior joining the classes

For more Infos / registration write us a email: info@balletforeveryone.ch



Your spot for the next Serie is automatically renewed for the next Serie.
If you do not wish to continue, please inform us latest 2 weeks before the end of the current Serie